Personal Stories of Migration from the South


Walter Knight in front of the bridge named in his honor. 

Camden, AR

Community leader Walter Knight grew up in this area, before moving to Beloit in 1951. Mr. Knight describes the Camden of his childhood as rural and segregated, but has fond memories of school and friendships.


Wade Hampton Johnson with his wife Ella Mae Valiant, and their son John William Wade ca. 1918

Pheba, MS

Beverly Bond's father, Joseph, migrated from Pheba with his two brothers in 1917. Former sharecroppers, they initially worked at Fairbanks Morse before opening their own business, the Johnsons' Grocery Store.


Rev U.S. Pride, with A.D. King and Rev Oliver Gibson, peacefully protesting on June 28 1963. 

Prescott, AR

Birthplace of Reverand U.S. Pride, and his wife, Vivian Pride. The Pride family drove North to Beloit when Rev U.S. Pride was called to serve at New Zion Baptist Church. Many relatives remain in Arkansas – the Prides have a personal cemetery in Prescott.


Potrait of M.C. Pounds.

Shannon, MS

M.C. Pounds and Ester Lee Pounds lived there, and Ersey Edmund was born here. Their father, who had already moved to Beloit, came back to Shannon in the middle of night for his children. They set off for South Beloit in the middle of a the night, in a 1948 Chevy.

This exhibit was compiled by Beloit student Nadia Mitnick, class of 2019. 

Personal Stories