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Beverly Bond Oral History Transcript .pdf
This entry is an oral history of Beverly Bond, conducted by Fiona Cismesia on March 22, 2019. In this interview, Ms.Bond describes her childhood in Beloit as an active member of New Zion Baptist Church and attendee of Beloit Memorial high school.…

These photos, shot in front of Fairbanks Morse, at Riverside Park in Beloit on March twentieth, 1938, show the four “sophisticated” Johnson wives, and their husbands, the Johnson “musketeers”.

A young Beverly Bond is pictured with brother, Philip Leslie Johnson, as he gets ready to deliver newspapers around Beloit.

This book, made by Shirley Johnson, accounts the Johnson family history and their migration from Pheba, Mississippi. The story mainly follows the life and descendants of the first Johnsons who migrated to Beloit: Andrew James Johnson Jr, Joseph…

Bottom: John Philip Johnson poses in front of a Christmas tree celebrating the holidays on Pleasant St.

Top Right: John Philip Johnson (age 24) and Christabel Johnson (age 20) are pictured at Riverside Park in May 1937 with their…

This family portrait is of Wade Hampton Johnson, his wife Ella Mae Valiant and their first born son John William Wade. John William Wade was born in 1918 and was one of 8 children the couple eventually had.
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