Cheryl Caldwell

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Cheryl Caldwell


Beloit, Great Migration, Family


A trove of photos, letters, documents and objects contributed by Mrs. Cheryl Caldwell.


Ellen Joyce


Cheryl Caldwell


Beloit, WI, Mississippi

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Grant Peter Lee photo of family at the Shirland Ave. farm
The Grant Peter Lee Gordon family at their farm on Shirland Ave. in South Beloit, WI

Ethel Gordon's graduation photo
The graduation photo shows Ethel Gordon, Cheryl Caldwell's grandmother, with a sad expression because her mother had died shortly before her graduation. Malvenia Bell (Mallie or Mary), a teacher who was Velma Bell's mother, made Ethel's graduation…

Kitty Cameron
Kitty Cameron was born in slavery. She was the mother of Calvin, grandmother of Dora Cameron White, and great-grandmother of Rubie White Bond.
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