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12-43-001 Edgewater YMCA.png
The Edgewater YMCA was an important community organization for blacks in Beloit.

12=06-001 S. Beloit Basketball.jpg
Ambrose Gordon was Grant Peter Lee Gordon's son; he was on the 1931-32 Basketball team of South Beloit

12-07-001 (cookbook).JPG
This cookbook belonged to Cheryl Caldwell's grandmother (Ethel Gordon) who worked for Willard and Grace Arnold 731 Park Avenue in Beloit; it includes many recipes in her own handwriting. She was also part of the Culture Club.

12-69-001 Kittie Cameron.jpg
Kitty Cameron was born in slavery. She was the mother of Calvin, grandmother of Dora Cameron White, and great-grandmother of Rubie White Bond.
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