This is the homepage for websites designed by students in classes offered by the Beloit College History department. Students have conducted research in the College Archives and in the City of Beloit to create topical online exhibits.

In the spring semester of 2018, students in the “Creating Digital Archives” class used materials from the Beloit College Archives to create exhibits about various aspects of College History. Their topics included the Logan Museum’s field expedition in Algeria in 1930, the experiences of women in the early years of coeducation, and the Black Demands of 1969.

The Digital History Harvest class offered in Spring 2019 asked students to publicize and prepare for a community event that invited members of Beloit’s African American community to share their stories and bring photos and artifacts related to the Great Migration.  During that period of American history (from approximately 1915-1970), thousands of Blacks migrated from the South to seek employment in northern cities.  Using the stories and the images gathered on that day, students have designed maps and websites that document the experiences of those who came to Beloit.

In addition to researching their topics, students in each class have learned to use Omeka, a software designed for museums and archives that wish to build online exhibits of their collections.