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I Need Space: Women's Extracurriculars at Beloit 1895-1920

First Female Graduates.jpg

Beloit College first admitted women in 1895. When they arrived on campus, they enrolled in  the same classes as the men, but they organized their own clubs and other activities.

From 1895 through the early 1900s, women formed their own organizations. These let them express themselves and create their own spaces. This exhibit investigates the clubs and sports created in the  early days of co-education.

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Black Demands at Beloit College, 1969

Black Demands 1969_5.jpg

The Black Demands of 1969 were a list of changes the black students at Beloit College wanted to see on campus. They wanted changes in the curriculum, faculty, admissions, living spaces, and the implementation of specific programs for minority students. The aim of the demands was to make black students feel comfortable and accepted on campus.

The Black Demands were created at the end of the Civil Rights Movement - both had goals for the inclusion of black people in a predominantly white society. While the demands were not implemented in exactly the way the students wanted, they did create a lasting effect on the history of Beloit College and inflicted gradual change on campus.    

This exhibit intends to interrogate how the Black Demands has continually impacted Beloit College throughout the decades.

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Beloit College's Greek Cast Collection

Statues in Expo.JPG

The Greek Casts were acquired from the Greek government after being exhibited in the World Columbian Exposition that was held in Chicago in 1893. They were acquired with the help of Helen Brace Emerson and L. G. Fisher. Once acquired, the casts made their first home in the second Art Hall, in the old South College, and were dubbed “The Fisher Collection”. Of the original 112 plaster cast replicas, only 25 remain in the Wright Museum's catalogs. With most of the casts unaccounted for, either missing, sold, or destroyed, the collection is currently in much worse shape than when it was first debuted.

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