Who? What? Where?

On March 1st, 1930, fifteen professors and students flew to Ain Beida, Algeria. They planned to do research on the Constantine Plain.

Map of Algeria

Map of Northern Algeria.

Their purpose was to determine whether or not human ancestors migrated to Algeria via the Sahara Desert, and whether there were several migrations or one.

They also tested a hypothesis that a relationship between European ancestors and Algerian ancestors during the Aurignacian period existed. To test this and to determine migration routes, they looked at pottery and tools of ancient Algerians.

Expedition Hat

[Above and bellow] A hat signed by the expedition members.

Expedition Hat

From 1925-1930 the Logan Museum in Beloit, Wisconsin conducted several expeditions.

Led by Alonzo W. Pond, the expedition members studied stones, shells, and bones. They brought along Robert Voight and George L. Waite as photographers.

They brought a large selection of artifacts back to Wisconsin: cups, bowls, spindles, and shells. Voight's photographs were compiled into one large album.

Later, the Logan Museum’s Collections Committee voted to buy an expedition member’s hat through an auction; it is signed by all of the expedition members.

Who? What? Where?